The Wooden Clutch By Tesler Mendelovitch

Handmade extra-large clutch constructed from 100% birch wood. This species grows wild throughout North America, and can be found in woods, most easily identified by its pure white bark that peels off the trunk in thin, paper-like layers…




René Magritte

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René Magritte's The Human Condition

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René François Ghislain Magritte 1898 – 1967

René Magritte was the famous Belgian Surrealist. He developed his signature techniques early in his career while working as a commercial artist. Magritte’s work is fascinating! He loved playing around with demands and expectations.

This is how his friendPaul Nougé explained his work in 1944: “We question pictures,” he said, “before listening to them, we question them at random. And we are astonished when the reply we had expected is not forthcoming.”

The interpretation of his work was a denial of its mystery, the mystery of the invisible.

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